• Upfront pricing, no hidden fees or surcharges, no data reselling
  • Your data is yours and encrypted throughout the Deflect network

Protecting online voices

Deflect is a free website security service defending civil society and human rights groups from digital attack.

Human rights

Deflect protects free expression and association on the Internet. Clear Terms of Use define our relationship with clients.

Open source

We are active members and supporters of the open source community and release all software and documentation under free and open source licenses.

Privacy first

Your data is yours and encrypted throughout the Deflect network. Your relationship with eQualit.ie is not disclosed to any third party without explicit consent.


No hidden fees or surcharges, no data reselling and no matter the size of the attack you will never be charged or let down by Deflect.

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Deflect – Taking Care of Business

Why Deflect?


If your website runs on WordPress, we can offer you free and secure hosting with eQPress.


We provide real-time statistics about your traffic and intelligence on DDoS attacks to improve advocacy efforts and expose attackers.

Encrypted connections

You can provision free SSL/TLS certificates for your website using the Deflect control panel.

Human support

Our system operations team works around the clock and can provide support in English, French, Spanish and Russian.

Advanced mitigation

We have built up years of experience and technical expertise to mitigate large and sophisticated attacks on your website.

Control panel

Our multilingual interface makes it easy to sign up and manage your website’s protection on Deflect.

Deflect Labs will provide website operators, journalists and human rights advocates with real-time and historical analytic tools, as well as insight into DDoS attacks and botnets characteristics.


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How Deflect works

Deflect receives all traffic bound for your website. Our servers reply with content already in cache or contact your webserver periodically to receive fresh data. Malicious requests are mitigated.

Cached content

Deflect servers store cached copies of your website’s pages.

Hidden origin

Only Deflect needs to know where your website is hosted. The Internet only talks to Deflect servers.

Attack mitigation

Hand-written and machine generated rules, advanced challenges to distinguish bots from humans.

Deflect Stories

Defending Uzbek human rights and independent media activists

In early 2019, Deflect staff lead an investigation that discovered a widespread and prolonged cyber offensive campaign against diaspora media and human rights activists from Uzbekistan. Deflect clients including Fergana News, Eltuz and Centre1 were the targets of this multi-year operation. Our reporting also uncovered a coordinated email phishing campaign against prominent journalists and leaders of Uzbek NGOs. This research has recently resurfaced in a Kaspersky investigation and was covered by Reuters. Find out more in Deflect Labs Report 6.

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